Slooo Good Bar-B-Q Serves up Southern Staples and Opportunity

  ·  Sam Smith, The State Journal   ·   Link to Article

Jesse Morris said his restaurant, Slooo Good Bar-B-Q, 221 Mero St., is more than a joint with a menu of slow-cooked, Southern staples — it’s an opportunity for community empowerment.

“We are here to raise people up and to employ them with a mentoring theme,” Morris said. “I brought two employees in to help them get out of the receiving line and into the giving line, so we’re here to help people find a job who would otherwise have a hard time because of felonies, criminal backgrounds or just being unable to find a break.”

Retired master patrol officer William Bell said he and Morris recently partnered together after discovering a shared calling to preach and help the county.


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