Restaurants provide opportunities for real world training and a path towards upward mobility for its employees. 

This is an industry of opportunity. Restaurant jobs are a great training ground for all careers — providing employees with the resources and opportunities they need for a variety of fields. These jobs teach critical skills including personal responsibility, teamwork, discipline and accountability.

The restaurant industry provides job opportunities for career growth to 14 million people of varying ages and experience levels

Ladders of Opportunity

90 percent of restaurant managers started as hourly-paid employees. The industry provides employees with the opportunity to start in the dish room and work their way up to management or salaried positions.

Opportunities For All Education Levels, Backgrounds

Part-time, entry-level work is important and fills a critical need in our nation’s workforce — providing additional income and flexibility for peoples trying to balance their careers with family responsibilities, or as a way to remain involved in their communities. 

Most hourly employees are students with irregular schedules, teenagers saving for school, or parents and caregivers who need a job with flexible hours that fit their busy lives. Overall in the restaurant industry, 28 percent of employees are students.

Room To Grow

Most restaurant employees advance from their entry-level positions: Nine in 10 salaried restaurant employees started in hourly positions. In fact, 80 percent of restaurant owners/managers started in entry-level positions.

Hard Work Pays Off

Just ask our employees: 78 percent of crew persons and 82 percent of dishwashers/bus persons believe restaurants provide an opportunity for people who want to succeed based on their own hard work. Restaurant jobs allow employees to dictate how much or how little they work and have control over 
their earnings and schedules.

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