Meet Mark

Name: Mark Widmann
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Job: Owner and Operator of the Randall Gallery and the Bluffs on Broadway

Mark Widmann is one of the most colorful, maybe slightly eccentric, people in St. Louis.  He is also one of the most generous; if you speak to his friends and colleges - "generous to a fault".

Mark has owned and operated the Randall Gallery event venue for 23 years and the Bluffs on Broadway event venue for 11 years; hosting unforgettable events at both. But his real passion lies in improving his community. 

“I believe charity starts at home,” says Mark.  “We need to take care of our local organizations, businesses and neighborhood and support one another.”  Mark lives every day by those words. He can be seen weekly - picking up trash and discarded items in his neighborhood, as well as be found in numerous local restaurants and shops, making sure he is supporting "locally". If you can't find him there, check one of the neighborhood meetings or down at city hall in a Ways and Means meeting or Aldermanic meeting making sure his neighborhood and city are being well-represented.

His urban neighborhood has plenty of challenges which is why he supports over a dozen charities including the St. Anthony food pantry, St. Stephens School and Lift for Life.

Mark has also been instrumental in organizing neighborhood watch groups and is assisting in creating a Community Improvement District to build up local businesses.

Mark likes to entertain at his home/venue -The Bluffs on Broadway, where he raises money for many of his charities.  The Bluffs on Broadway is a unique space with 4 kitchens; a 12 guest dining room; a 72 guest dining room; a movie theater room that can seat 120 guests and a 25' bar with its own laundry and large commercial ice machine. There are 600 light bulbs throughout the house and property, powered by 198 light switches - 98 on dimmers. This lighting illuminates his amazing and eclectic art collection in the 6,000 square foot structure as well as throughout the 1.5 acres of amazingly landscaped grounds it sits on. His largest piece of art work is a 24" tall, 48 thousand pound sculpture; a pair of woman's legs, diving into the landscaping between the house and the river bluff. 

The view of the Mississippi river with its barge traffic, and the unobstructed view 25 miles into Illinois, from the more than 4,000 square feet of decks and patios is breathtaking .  The memorabilia inside is even more impressive with an original quarter slot machine from the legendary Sands hotel in Las Vegas, two pieces of metal from the Titanic, and a Lee West egg chair with built in speakers and stereo.

Mark has spent his entire life in the restaurant industry; starting as a dishwasher at age 15 at the old Jefferson Ave Boarding House, then moving up to manager shortly thereafter.  Now 40 years later, Mark is still going strong in the industry and giving back to his community every day.

The contribution Mark gives back to his community goes way beyond dollars and cents.  He provides the needed leadership and charisma to make his community a better place to live.

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