The Industry of Opportunity

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I have the privilege of representing an amazing industry with some of the most passionate, driven, creative, business savvy individuals who make up the dynamic foodservice industry in our region. 

They continue to change the dining landscape in metropolitan Washington into a vibrant scene that drives energy, revenue, visitors and worldwide attention.

Restaurant owners and operators are tireless in what they do, vested in the neighborhoods in which they operate, and philanthropic in their personal and professional endeavors. They are civic drivers who are building and investing in strong communities and they are often the last to tell their amazing stories because they are too busy running their restaurants.

The industry has a complicated business model that is often misunderstood, but there is a great story to tell. The following pages tell that story, highlighting the people and businesses that help our region’s restaurant industry and communities thrive. From business owners who are creating jobs to massively talented chefs and artisans, to the dedicated kitchen and service staff, to the farmers, distillers, and distributors, to the banks and developers who underwrite new concepts, and to everyone in between, each person in the industry plays an important role in moving our economy forward.