Meet Javier

Meet Javier

Name: Javier Godinez
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Job: Prep Specialist, Red Lobster
Fun fact: Javier was recently awarded Red Lobster’s top honor for hourly employees— the Team Member of the Year award. He is one of eight team members selected for the award from the more than 55,000 who work at Red Lobster in North America.

A long-time Red Lobster team member, Javier is known for his positive and caring attitude, and he lives and breathes the core values of Red Lobster and the restaurant industry. His General Manager Mindy Matulavitch said, “Javier always looks out for others and makes sure they are set up for success.”

Javier will always support and assist his fellow team members. His positive and caring attitude would be extraordinary all by itself, but when you realize that Javier is fighting cancer, for the second time, and still works hard and cares so much about the restaurant and those he works with you understand that he is truly a remarkable person.

“Even on the toughest of days, he always lends a hand and a smile,” said Mindy. “He is loved by everyone on the team!” In fact, his Cincinnati team raised money for him through the RL Cares program, an employee emergency assistance fund that is funded by Red Lobster’s 58,000 employees and helps fellow team members with matching grants during times of need.

Javier is also recognized for his food prep skills. “He creates great food for the team to come together with,” said Mindy. “And, you can count on his perfectly prepared food and he is great at cost controls.”

“I am living a dream with my eyes open! I want to take the chance to say thank you to everyone who made my American dream a reality,” said Javier. “I’m 100% sure that my heart is red - Red Lobster, red – because I would not be where I am today without the opportunities this restaurant has offered me.”

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